This year has seen more people than ever using the internet through their phones as opposed through a desktop computer. Working within a website design consultancy agency we always advice our clients to think about a mobile audience. We understand the importance of ensuring a website can be used on a phone and a tablet as opposed to just a desktop.

Smartphones have become a staple in the lives of most people, the relationship between a user and their phone has changed dramatically in the past years. It essential that small business takes advantage of the mobile revolution. You as a business should always respect your customers in the aspect of messages and alerts. Businesses tend to use automated messages to their clients or push notifications. When a customer opts to be updated be sure not to spam your clients. With bigger businesses we are starting to notice messages and emails are being sent less frequently. Customers are more likely to divorce a company if they feel spammed by information they do not need. Message should only revolve around deals and offers that a customer can use, reminders to shop or customer reviews should be not be used within messages.

As far as web design goes mobile responsive sites are becoming more popular. Mobile responsive websites sound complicated however in reality they are a simple and an essential tool that small businesses should use within their website. Mobile responsive websites simply consist of a website design that is able to still look well designed on a smaller screen. When a website is not mobile responsive the look of the site changes and elements can become misplaced and harder to use. Working within a website design consultancy agency we always ensure that websites we design can be fit for purpose this includes desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Using a simple website design ensures that the site can be easily navigated. Potential clients can often be turned away from a company because of a poorly designed site. Websites can often be an investment for a new company which is why creating a user friendly design is so essential. User friendly websites are simply created with the user in mind, logical layouts with easy navigation can often have a positive impact with potential clients. A well designed website with simple navigation works really well in terms of also being mobile and tablet responsive.

In terms of ensuring that your website is mobile responsive and clients are getting the best experience be sure to regularly view your website through your mobile or tablet. This allows you to experience the website as a common user would. As website designers we frequently use our devices to view the website as this enables us to spot bugs or flaws.

We have started to see a rise in companies which only work with sites that been formatted to only work on apps. This type of design is seen as streamlined and targeted toward social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. Social media and websites often go hand in hand. If you find yourself getting confused about social media platforms feel free to refer to our social media blog post. 

The main points to consider when incorporating a mobile responsive element to your website is to always consider your user. Ensuring your website is connected to prominent social media accounts related to the business should always be an important element to consider. Allow users of your site to be able to access images and information about your website. Working within a website design consultancy agency we always advise our clients to think of the social media side. Mobile responsive websites are more likely to gain more visitors due to the vast amount of people that surf the web on smart phones, by not having a mobile responsive site you risk loosing a large portion of potential clients.