Here at Meshviz we are always asked by new business owners, ‘what should our logo look like?’ Working with graphic design projects we often deal with creating logos for new companies. The logo is an essential part in the branding of the company, and needs to be able to be adapted to different situations i.e. stationary, websites and business cards. When designing a logo we always think of 5 basic points simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate. We have created a useful list of why these points play a vital role in the design of your logo and how it can help your branding.

As website designers we always get asked why should a logo be simple? A simple logo always allows for easy recognition by the public. A prime example of this would be the London underground symbol. The symbol is recognised world wide due to its simplicity hence which makes the symbol easy to recognise. We see and remember simple symbols constantly a good example of this would be road signs. The visual aids work well across the globe because they are simple and tend to follow similar shapes and colours. It could be argued that these signs act as a brand for safety. We look to other simple logos such as Nike with the famous swoosh, the logo is placed and recognised on most accessories incorporating brand recognition and advertising.

Working with graphic designs we often wonder how do we make logos memorable? Memorable logos tend to go hand in hand with simple logos. The subject matter of the logo can at times have no relevance however with good design and simplicity this is not an issue. Working with a website design consultancy agency we often note that the memorable designs tend to have more of an impact. As visual people we can often refer to websites via the logos as form of recognition. With logos clients often tend to have a basic idea of what they would like to incorporate into the design, a good graphic designer will always refine the design and eliminate non functional elements.

Making a logo timeless is always a thought that designers need to consider. As designers we constantly refer to timeless logos such as Coca Cola to try and construct a way in which a design can age well. A Logo which ages well works well in a finical aspect for your business, a logo redesign will impact the branding forcing you to have to purchase further design work. Companies which change logos have less chance of being recognised by the potential clients. We are beginning to see more logos simply being worded, worded logos can age well depending on the style that has been chosen.

Within website design we love a logo that is versatile. An effective logo should be able to be applied to different mediums, such as posters, business cards and of course websites. Here at Meshviz when we design a logo we do so in a fashion where the logo can be sized accordingly. This enables the logo to be scaled up and down without loosing quality to the design. Minimal colours within logo designs can work well and help the aid the logo in being versatile. Colour is often something that customers think is purely visual, as designers we understand colour theory. This is a theory that shows the best communication between a colour and business, a good example of this would be red being associated with food. In terms of branding you should always consultant a designer in the aspect of which colours could work better for your business, as website designers we are always happy to advise our clients.

As designers we always need to consider if a design is appropriate for what we are trying to achieve. This point is still valid for logo design, a successful logo design should always reflect your company. A good example of this would be ‘toys r us’, the logo is colourful and communicates well that it is a place intended for children. Logos don’t have to show what the business is based on, a good example of this would be car manufacturers. With most logos related to cars a physically image or symbol of a car is not used. As website designers working with new companies and logos we always find that simplicity works and ages well. A well thought out design can have a great effect on branding and your business image. Always ensure to consult with a designer prior to making choices about visual elements within your branding, this will ensure your logo and image reflects your business well.