Hey everybody, thanks for joining us for the official launch of the MeshViz blog, MeshViz Moments. In celebration of the arrival of our latest Web Design product MeshViz Zero (DIY Websites), we’re also going to be creating awesome articles and guides to help our clients get the most out of the products and services we offer to them. As the services we offer here are quite varied then you can also expect to see the same from our blog, we’ll be covering things to do with design in general whether it’s for print or online, social media management, SEO articles as well as  over the world that’s stuck or could use a little advice on what can be a very confusing industry.

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MeshViz Zero is a powerful user friendly web design platform that makes use of a powerful drag and drop visual builder, click below to find out more!

It will also act as our main training centre for our newly launched DIY Websites that help people build beautiful websites without any experience necessary. Using a click and drag visual builder even the most novice IT user can create their own website in as little as 10 minutes. The DIY Websites are built on the same framework that we build all of our Bespoke Web Design (MeshViz Infinite) on which means there are no limitations on what your website can achieve in the long term. Other companies use a closed system so that you are confined to using the plugins and modules that they provide you with. Our DIY Website system runs on WordPress which means you benefit from being able to download and install any of the 48,000+ currently available FREE plugins. If you can’t find a free plug in, there are even more paid plugins out there for the more specific tasks your website may need to run. If your struggling for design ideas, it’s not just plugins that are readily available for free either! We have a selection of pre-made complete websites that are ready for you to drop in your logo, images and text content instantly providing you with a professional online presence in very little time at all.

So, that’s it, the end of our introductory post! thanks for checking in and reading our first ever article and learning about our newly launched DIY Websites service. There’s plenty more to come as well so be sure to check back to see great content based on questions we regularly get asked by clients.

The MeshViz Team

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