At Meshviz we have started seeing some creative solutions to websites, a simple way to add something extra to your websites to make them stand out from the crowd. From colours to shapes we have put together some creative solutions for you to try.

Geometric lines and shapes are a simple way to make your site pop. From patterns to background styles we have a real soft spot for these styles. Using high definition photos in a clean cut shape seems to be a visual blessing. Simple backgrounds with clear crisp imagery can help create a clean cut website. Some websites choosing to have their whole layout heavily based on lines and shapes. As always remember to cater your website to your audience, which is why geometric styles are a good call to make as they are so versatile.

Due tones are a fantastic way to personalise your images especially if your brand or logo has a specific colour scheme. Gradients can be added as a way to make the images more visually interesting. We are seeing these types of images with the bigger and modern sites which are targeted to younger audiences. These cool and creative styles can bring a sense of style into your feature images. When opting to use these styles think modern and edgy. As website designers we are always excited to see multiple colours being used as an image overlay.

This year we saw the colour ‘greenery’ named as the colour of year. Here at Meshviz we love fresh bright colours, so this suites the need nicely. This colour was chosen because of what it stands for, mimicking the idea of freshness and getting back to basics. Fresh vibrant colours are a must do, give your design a breath of fresh air make use of those colours that bring you back to nature. Working with a website design agency we understand that simplicity can help increase work flow, translating this into a trend could add a much needed breath of fresh air to your website providing it is in keeping with the theme of your website.

We always like to keep an eye out on branding, after all a business is not just a website. We are starting to see a more packing and promotions of what the actual product looks like as opposed to what the packaging is. There has been a huge rise of this style with healthy foods but also responsible manufacturing with technology. The main take from this is to allow your audience to know where their product comes from.

This is possibly one of our new favourites at Meshviz the cinemagraph, a simple an in depth visual in which one part of the image is constantly moving. Since the increase of videos and animations being used on websites it could be argued that this a new take on the trend. As with the general rules of implementing an type of moving image or videos keep it simple, enough to show the audience and not too much to be distracting.

Big bold typography seems to be popping up on our screens all over the place. This is an excellent accompany to the bold colours that we see are making a big impression on users. Website typefaces are launching out of their generic shells and becoming more organic and creative. We personally love this feature, we see some designers going a step further and combining videos within their typeface for feature pages. Once again simplicity is key but we do love the idea of typefaces moving forwards and echoing their own branding style.