Environments have a huge impact on our productivity in regards to work, many people don’t realize the importance of stepping back to see how their work space influences them. As web designers we often encounter mental blocks that can be attributed to a stagnant lifestyle. Breaking away from old habits and settings can help breathe some fresh air into our productivity.

Working in a web design consultancy agency we often find clutter on the desk has a negative effect on the person using that space. Physical objects on your desk distracts your mind, as objects that compete for your attention. An untidy desk can make you feel more stressed, distracting your mind from free flowing thoughts. One of the key tips that it given to create a clutter free environment is to establish if an item serves a useful purpose

Reducing clutter in your work space can be simple, use smart storage spaces and take time to organise your things in a way that is simple and you can remember. Set time aside during the week to survey your area, always remember to only keep the essentials on your desk. The nature of being a website design company means that our desks can become overwhelmed by clutter. Using things that physically help you i.e. notepads or things that inspire, images or models are useful to have in a work environment. It is essential to remember to clean your desk at the end of each working day, sub consciously your mind will refresh itself.

As website designers we often use spaces to create an increased work flow. Large areas with plenty of natural lighten often refresh our thoughts and allow us to concentrate. Exploring new places often inspire our minds, particularly creative aspect it can trigger a new thought process. Natural light often has a positive effect on both mind and body.

We now have a varied range of devices we can work from as opposed to simply changing your location, change the device you are working on. A new training technique has started to emerge where specific tasks are done on different devices. Training your brain to associate a task with a device can be simple, by making the effort of using a different device you brain will eventually beginning to associate different tasks with each device. A good example of this is using a desktop computer for more formal tasks that require high concentration and a laptop for superficial tasks such as emails or note taking. Alternating devices will help concentrate your mind and increase a more structured work flow. Working within a web design agency we understand how easy it can be to get overwhelmed with various device, pacing your device can help trigger a productive routine.

With multiple devices comes the temptation to loose focus easily, looking at your social media accounts would be a prime example. In order to discourage distraction try turning off trigger points, the process to turn a device back on can be lengthy which would sub consciously discourage you. Working within a website design consultancy agency we have to recognise when we begin to loose focus. People in creative fields often leave unfinished projects open as a reminder to continue working the following day. Leaving unfinished pieces of work can act as a trigger to remind you where to carry on from, this method is an excellent way of creating a productive habit.

External things such as music and and smells can often have a great impact on your productivity. Sounds can also have a negative effective on your productivity, intermittent speech or some hints of conversation can trigger distraction from your work. As designers we often find background music can help the work flow given the type of music is appropriate. If you are subject to a noisy work space then small helpers such as a headphones or low key music can help bring focus to your space. Working productively can be achieved by making small changes to your environment, the key is to find distracting triggers and avoid them or find ways to override them. Mental blocks can occur frequently within a stagnant area, so feel free to expose yourself to new surroundings or simple spaces with natural light. By analyzing your workspace and your working practice you are able to identity what is harmful to your productivity.