Building a website that’s effective as well as great to look at is harder than it sounds. To make it a little easier for you we’ve put together some fatal blunders that you’ll want to avoid. When it comes to web design, trends come and go rapidly, but the only thing leaving rapidly will be your visitors if you make any of these common mistakes.
BUSY DESIGN & PAGE LAYOUTS It’s easy to fall into the trap of cramming lots of content and colours into the viewport, or even the whole page. But when designing make sure it’s easy for your visitors to see clearly which path to take. The website needs to flow effortlessly with your branding so choosing the same colours is always a good place to start. Look at iconic sites such as Google whose homepage is nothing more than exactly what your there for, the search bar.
TEXT OVERLOAD Nobody wants to read an essay, your company’s web design should effectively let your customers know about your products and services. Long and tedious blocks of text on your pages can scare visitors away so ask yourself, is it all completely needed? If it is then see if segments of the content would benefit from having their own page. If you still feel like you need to say more, then blogs are a great way to write longer content as well as keeping your visitors up to date.
BEING ALL ABOUT THE DESIGN We get it, you want your website to be beautiful, but when the functionality of the site is starting to suffer because of some design choices is time to rethink. We all know your website needs to look good, but not at the expense of load time (All those large images can start to add up!) If your visitors are waiting for your site to load for too long they’ll find another one to visit, so always find the perfect balance between design and functionality.  
AUTOPLAY MUSIC OR VIDEOS We’ve all been on a web page that makes you jump after the video or music loads and blasts out at you. It can be really frustrating for the visitor and can also be associated with spam as a lot of spam websites use this method. It’s great to add a video to your site and a fantastic way to show your company and product off, but letting the visitor press play themselves can avoid pressuring them away.
LITTLE OR NO CONTACT INFORMATION If your customers need to contact you there should be a variety of ways available to them, an email address alone or just a simple contact form is not enough. As a start-up or small business, you may not have a dedicated phone line but a mobile number is better than no number at all. Have all this information as well as your social profiles in easy to see places and also provide a direct page to display all contact details. Obviously, these are only a few of the many things you should avoid when designing your site. If you have any questions or need advice the MeshViz web design team are here to answer anything you need to get the most from your website.

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