We have been talking about websites being mobile responsive. A huge trend for 2018 is taking advantage of the mobile browsing taking over people using their desktop computers to surf the net. 2018 will see designers utilizing browsing for mobile platforms, these methods will fully drive website trends for 2018

Designs are looking simplified with lots of use with negative space. As website designers we tend to make the most out of our white space areas, however in terms of making pages quicker to load this design style works really well. Website trends are looking more streamlined with fit for purpose imagery and videos. The only designs that will be used on websites will be those with a purpose, this method proves to be less distracting for the user and draws attention to the right areas.

2018 sees a change in typography styles, we are saying goodbye to the simplistic styles and hello to bold and expressive. As a website design consultancy agency we have already started to see fun typography styles take the place of images. This can work well in the aspect of branding and putting your message across to your users. In the aspect of be mobile responsive the typography works well in being lightweight and easier to load. In times of high internet traffic times the change in typography will have less of an impact on loading times. Thin and streamlined text appear to be taking a back seat, 2018 sees the trend for bold titles and more use of button actions.

We are starting to see a higher use in Cinemagraphs as website designers we applaud this trend. Cinemagraphs are the middle ground between photos and videos, the style carries less weight than a video but can nicely highlight a product. Once again in regards to loading times on mobiles the Cinemagraphs will prove easier to load and view.

Micro-interactions first appeared on our screens through Facebook allowing people to ‘react’ to statuses as oppose to just ‘like’ or ‘share. These interactions allow the audience to interact with the content without interrupting their viewing time. When people leave reviews it can seem off putting when a new page has to be opened, the micro-interactions work well in simplifying the process and allowing users to interact more smoothly. This small action allows customers/ users to break down communication barriers.

Here at Meshviz we frequently talk about the importance of using social media platforms to promote your business, 2018 will be sure to have you taking an interest in your Facebook account. Facebook will be aiming to be the hub of information and content, reviews, and live chats will be available making your page the first reference point a potential client could use. Contact information could possibly eliminate the need for a user to look at your website which is keeping information and content up to date is imperative.

Security will be one of the biggest priorities in 2018 we have seen huge cyber attacks in 2017, this has made people think about what content they should download. Working within a website design consultancy agency we understand the importance of security and the appropriate measures to take. Cyber safety is always key when working with websites as we have mentioned in our security article. Be sure that your website designers are taking precautions and that you site is highlighted to be safe.

Overall 2018 trends will be focused around optimising space and being easily adapted to mobiles. We are seeing more trends with simplistic styles and less importance place on pointless animations. Websites will only be having content that is relevant and easy to load, short loading times and lightweight websites will be the main priority. Safety is being focused on in 2018 ensuring your users that the content is secure will be a priority.