Web design is a very exciting time for any designer. There are a lot of familiar features that will be seen throughout numerous websites. These are designed into a website for good reason, they make a website easy to navigate.

Here at Meshviz we understand the use of space as do most designers.  We have been seeing a wide use of space in web design. Designers often refer to space as white space, this term simply means that the space is free of features or elements. The spacing can range between the lines of text and placement of features.   A larger surrounding space has more potential of attracting attention to a feature or statement.

Simple navigation is the key to any site, don’t confuse the visitors. We are seeing more and more sites using parallax designs when scrolling and directional arrows. Navigation bars work best when they are simplistic and easy to use.

The about us page is a nice feature to any website. This allows you to give your audience an insight into how your business or interest has come to life.  This gives your website a sense of personality.  The main issues that a lot of ‘about us’ pages have is they become text heavy. Keep it simple, keep it easy. Photos of the team are always a good way to give your audience a behind the scene look

Every website design should include a contact us page. These normally will have a contact form in which someone can send in an enquiry with their contact details. This is a very quick and often seen as a more personal method

The search bar is a tool that is often used in modern websites, this is done to give the audience access to older information. This allows the website to become simple and the audience to get to the information they want faster.

The informational footer is exactly what it sounds like. The bottom footer simply provides information about the company with points of contact. This could be a linking point to social media links

The button styles seem like a small element to the site but these can amount to much more. The button style sets the theme for the site and gives some consistently with the design of the website. This gives the designer an opportunity to add some quirk to the website

Clear images are always a really good element to add to a website or design. The popularity of real life imagery has increased dramatically. The best way to achieve a good clear image of someone using your product is hire a photographer. Let your audience see the reality of the product as opposed to using a staged shot.

Web fonts are often the most common to be used on website designs. This is for two main reasons legibility and the ability for the type to work well on a website setting. The best way to find these types are simply by search engines, many of these typefaces are free and easy to install