Website design has become a more visual process, with that we are beginning to see a high use of images and sleek outlines. Images within web design can often be misjudged and misplaced. Images should be used to enhance the user’s experiences and compliment a functional website.

Visual appeal is important to any website however random images will not have the desired effects. As a website consultancy agency we have become adapted to placing images in areas which would be most effective.

Images that have purpose and placed correctly, are more likely to receive higher audience interaction. As website designers we have found images that have no relation to the contents on the page will be ignored by the user. It is common to think that a website needs imagery and visual aids however when the images serves no purpose the image becomes redundant.

If you are unsure about using a particular image just consider these points

  • Does this image benefit me? i.e. does the image promote what is being sold?
  • Does it serve as a visual aid? i.e. does the image inform people about what the content of the website is?
  • How does the image make people feel? i.e. does the image allow the audience to imagine themselves interacting with a product that you could be selling?
  • Is there a connection? i.e. does the image connect to your product?
  • Does the image send a message? i.e. does this image communicate anything?
  • Will people respond? i.e. could the image encourage people to buy the product?

Within website design we constantly ask ourselves these questions in order to ensure an image is relevant.

We understand that image placement is key as a visual pointer, by having the image actually directing attention to the text you have a greater chance of audience interaction. As website designers we understand that simple visuals such as pointing towards a product, or placing subtle visual pointers can improve responses drastically.

With any image it is always important to keep in mind the quality of an image, pixelated images can be dismissed as easily as irrelevant ones. Working within a website consultancy agency we believe that good quality images are imperative to have.

We have started to see a change in the image styles that are gaining more popularity. Images which have been taken with a flash appear to be having a major come back, the heavily highlighted sections work well with the contrast of shadows. This particular style is working very well with images of products.

As website designers we frequently work with patterns, this year we have started to note a trend with bold patterns within the imagery. The style works well within textile and fashion industry. Using your branding style as a background could work very well at incorporating your corporate identity.

Black and white images continue to be a staple this year. As designers black and white images can look very striking when applied effectively. Black and white imagery can work very well with niche businesses, the style is artistic and can work well with most colour schemes.

Working within a website consultancy agency we are finding more images using a duel tone gradient. Gradients work well in adding some variety into the imagery, however the gradient can be difficult to work with. Vibrant colours work well on the gradient style images.