Social Media is the voice of our generation, with an estimated 2.5 billion people using it we’ve prepared an article detailing the 3 largest and most used and how you can use them to enhance your business.

A social media site which gives you the opportunity to promote your website or the services you can offer.

Posting pictures or updating your status keeps your clients up to date and allowing people to share what you’ve been up to. Not only does this give you a social presence but also opportunity to reach out to a much larger audience.

You can share photos which has the option of referencing the people within the image. This is known as ‘tagging’ this allows the persons ‘friends’ to see the image. When writing a status you can ‘tag’ people in a status.

The social platform also allows the users to have private conversations, this could be between two people or a group of people. When you become ‘friends’ with someone on Facebook you can ‘follow’ them. This simply means that any post they make will show up on your newsfeed. Out of 40 million active business pages only 2 million pay for advertising.

New Users Every Second

Average Number Of Friends Per User


Twitter can be thought of as a very confusing social media platform. Twitter is simply a means of global communication. As a user you can write anything using only 140 characters. Within twitter you have the opportunity to re-tweet someone else’s ‘tweet’ (their statement or image). This also an excellent way to see who has shared your message or statement. Three simple elements exist on twitter. In order to reference a fellow tweeter, you use the ‘@’followed by their user name this is known as a ‘mention’. Direct message or commonly known as ‘DM’ allows users to send a 140 character to another person privately. The more commonly seen symbol is the hashtag ‘#’ this is simple way of categorising your tweet into a topic. This is a clever tool that allows other users who have searched for that topic to find your tweet.

Average Number Of Followers

Million Tweets Each Day


Instagram is s a simple social media platform that has been designed to be operated from a smartphone. The primary use of Instagram is to post photos or videos. You can add a caption (a sentence that is describing the image) accompanied with #hashtag. As with twitter this puts the image into a category that people can find when searching for that particular thing. You can like other peoples posts, tag people into the image using the’@’ symbol and you can also message people within the social media platform. Think of Instagram as a combination of twitter and Facebook.


Million Photos Uploaded Daily


Of Users Under 35

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