We breathed a sigh of relief when Microsoft put the rumours to rest that in fact the program would just be in a new home. The internet was full of nostalgic and fond memories of the program that inspired kids to realise creative ambitions (also it was something fun to do during IT sessions). MS will be finding a new home in the windows store where downloads will be free to public. Paint 3D was seen as being pushed by Microsoft which will be included in the Window 10 creative update. So the question what is Paint 3D and will it replace MS paint? we decided to investigate. As website designers we are always keen to try different design programs, this enables us as designers to become adapted to different programs allowing more flexibility on designs clients wish to use

Paint 3D is a new take on MS paint with the ability to create fun and quirky effects its hard not to enjoy this program. The main feature which attracts users is the remix community, where you can use other peoples work to inspire new designs. The program allows you to upload and download other designs, its easy to see why this feature is so appealing. As website designers we understand the importance of sharing ideas and gaining inspiration from existing designs.

The program comes with a useful tutorial in how to use the program. The main purpose behind 3D paint is to able to make the 3D creation option available to its users and a communal program. The only thing you need to download this program is a Microsoft live account. The program gives you the chance to work with pre-fabricated models, this is brilliant in the aspect of seeing how the tools work. We see a lot of tools that have been taken from our beloved MS pain which gives the program some familiarity. The program comes with a wide range of preloaded elements such as stickers and textures. With any new program it is always help to have preloaded elements, working within web design we find we can learn a lot from the existing examples.

As website designers we love the idea of the communal sharing that can be done with 3D paint. Microsoft have been able to release their own 3D models with themes, seasons, events and novelties. As a free and basic 3D design program this works really well, as designers and users we have been given the opportunity to have access to a 3D program without having to pay high fees. Microsoft has developed a platform in which 3D images can be designed and shared with an online community. The program was fun to use and working within web design it gave the team a chance to stretch their creative legs. Overall we were happy to know the MS paint was not being taken off the market but simply being rehomed. We are happy to welcome to welcome 3D paint as a creative and easy way to help inspire young designers to experiment with 3D designs. This platform has great potential in opening up a virtual network of young designers who have the opportunity to share designs and learn how to gain inspiration from different people.