In this post we be talking about responsive websites and trends that are set for 2017. Responsive websites may sound complex, however in simple terms a responsive website is a design style which targets crafting sites to give an exceptional viewing experience. A website with easy navigation, reading and minimal resizing. Responsive web- design generally caters to a wide range of devices included but not limited to, tablets, phones and computers.

Clear Images

One of the bigger trends we have seen happening this year are high definition images being used in featured sections. By human nature we respond well to visuals, use this to your advantage. A simple image has countless opportunities including provoking emotional responses and conversation.


This plays a huge role on a website, its always important to ensure that the typeface being used on your website is eye catching, legible and fits in with the tone of the website. Different styles of typeface are coming forward this year in regards to websites. Calligraphy type faces are becoming more frequently used. Any typeface which gives the impression of being handwritten connects with the audience, it seems more personal and simplistic.


Websites have started to become all about a creative personality, which could easily be done by illustrations. Bespoke drawings are in general very versatile and can communicate easily what the company stands for. Personalised elements on a website can add a creative personality.


Using stock imagery within websites has started to take a backseat in 2017. Audiences appear to become more engaged with an image that looks clear and realistic. Using relevant images of a product or people interacting with it. Using realistic images helps build the concept of a trustworthy product.  The key element for imagery is to always provide a good clear image.


This year we have been seeing a rise in the use of videos being used on websites. The key element of using a video is to find a balance in not distracting the viewer but giving out enough information to inform the viewer. Videos have the capability of appealing to more of the human senses.

Grids And UI’s

With thanks to popular sites such a Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Google, the website design world has seen a high increase in the ‘card layout’ style. This is simply a method in which the information is divided into smaller sections (cards). This allows the user to see more information and navigate easily, allowing the content to be more organised and the user to asses quickly the information they need.

Drop Shadows

Drop shadows are set to make a reappearance in web design in a new way. Joining up with Grids and UI’s drop shadows are being used to give depth to the card effect layouts. The drop shadows give something extra to the simplistic layouts, we see this happening with more streamlined/minimal designs.

Bold Colours

This year we are looking to see the rise in rich colours. Not only do these colours help capture the attention of the audience, but also help implement the brand colours quicker into the mind of the user. Bold colours can work very effectively however use with caution. As with any design decision always think of your target audience and the product your selling.

Full Width Images

Big images are making a huge impact on websites, the images we are seeing can range from informative to simplistic. Clarity is the key to making a successful impact it is also essential to keep the file size as minimal as possible, larger files will take longer to load disrupting a fluid and responsive design.

Keeping Things Relevant

Content imported into a website should always be relevant to the company. A misplaced image can ruin the user’s attention. By using images that are relevant to can help explain a product visually and aid the user in understanding a concept.  A design consultancy agency will always recommend correct content placement to help aid your website.