Working within a website design consultancy agency we understand the power of reviews. We often encourage our customers to prompt their clients to leave reviews, the main question is, how do we encourage our clients to leave positive review? We understand that many consumers are often happy to purchase the product and then leave no review, this creates an issue in terms of not being able to publicly show potential clients how great your company is. This also works in the aspect of analysing your business in cases where customers think services haven’t been great, we do find however that customers are often quick to leave a negative review. This can often be frustrating as companies may feel as though their good work is not getting rewarded with positive reviews. Our lovely team at Meshviz have developed a helpful article in regards to encouraging reviews.

In terms of reviews we have found that many of clients are tempted by either paying for reviews or asking friends and family to give their business a good review. This could be seen as a good way to get the reviews rolling in however in terms of SEO (search engine optimisation) these types of reviews can get penalised. This false platform of reviews can also damage your reputation and lose the trust of potential clients. Here at Meshviz we often find that our customers can become overwhelmed by SEO, if you find yourself confused with concept feel free to refer to our simple SEO guide.  The most important thing to remember with reviews and testimonials is that they have to be genuine. As web designers we understand that it can be hard to encourage clients to leave reviews. You always need to consider the way you approach asking for reviews from clients.

Offering incentives to customers in exchange for reviews is always a good idea when applied and delivered correctly. A smart approach to offering incentives is by offering your clients discounts that don’t require them to give you a review. The key to encouraging a review is to remind the client that they are still available to give a review on the company. By approaching incentives in this way you are more likely to receive those positive reviews as opposed to offering a ‘trade’ for a review.

This process is not a quick one, it will take time to build relationships with clients in order to gain positive reviews. As website designers we understand the importance of reviews and how people are more likely to buy from companies with higher ratings. This type of communication is an investment in terms of time and client relationship building. Taking the time to approach clients in this way will set your company up for a long term win in terms of reviews and increasing your SEO. The main thing to remember when approaching your clients for reviews or showing client testimonials is to always remain genuine with your audience. Potential clients are often quick to realise if a testimonial is fake which will in turn make your company look less trustworthy.