Here at Meshviz we take pride in giving our customers what they need. We were very proud to be working with Secret Beauty from Peterborough to create a sleek and functional website, utilising our easy to use, visual builder package, MeshViz Zero.

The Web Design of secret beauty Peterborough started with a simple phone call, with the owner, we generated a brief of what was required and began work on designing a fully complete, mobile responsive website.

Our client needed a nicely designed simple website, in which all her services could be displayed along with prices lists and a contact form.

We decided to create a sleek design with her company colours. With any website it is important that the colours reflect your company branding

Our client needed a simple layout to show the services that she provided, we made a simple grid with small explanations of the treatments. We firmly believe that in most cases a simple explanation of the services provided is enough to prompt potential clients to get in touch and find out more.

Our client wanted to be able to link her website with social media, we did this by incorporating logos that could directly link to her social media pages. Social media is key with websites, this allows customers to see a wider range of reviews and images. We believe that easy contact points are essential for business, this allows people to feel connected and appreciated.

We incorporated sections which showed special offers, these sections can be changed at anytime in accordance with new offers.

Our client required a gallery to show the benefits of some treatments, with this in mind we created a simple gallery layout. The layout allows our client to be able to add in her own images and update older ones.

With any business it is essential to show potential customers good reviews, we added in a client review section. At Meshviz we believe that our clients need to be able to update their websites easily, this is why we always ensure we design simple layouts. Our aim is to be able to provide our customers a website which grows with their business.

Secret Beauty are more than happy with their brand new MeshViz Zero Website, with zero code required we firmly believe that it’s the most user friendly, cost effective web design solution around for small businesses, find out how MeshViz zero can work for your business.

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