Logos can be a variable that is often overlooked however can be a huge asset to your business.  Logos are often used to promote public identity and set the scene for the brand of your business.

The ability to build trust can be influenced by a logo for your brand, the frequency of displaying your logo will have an impact with potential customers. Working at a website design consultancy agency we have noticed more people trying to incorporate smaller logos. Logos which display the website is safe to use are more likely to have a longer interaction rate.

Incorporating a logo onto advertising campaigns works well in exposing your business and building connections with potential clients. Logos when used correctly have a fantastic ability to be recognised. With more established brands you will often notice that occasionally the name of the company will not be mentioned. The logo can often speak for itself in terms of recognition and what the company stands for.

Logos can work really well when promoting special offers or deals. Advertising deals will work on a more effective level when combined with the company logo. Logos should be used to build customer relationships alongside trust, your brand message should be reflected within your logo. Frequent use of your logo will give your customers something to refer too.  As website designers we often work with branding and logo designs, successful logo designs build the connection between the brand and customer.

Advertisements and logos work really well together, at times people wont have time to read the full advert however will most likely recognise the company logo. Working within graphic design simple advert layouts with emphasis on the logo can be very effective in advertising a simple message. These simple messages are often quickly absorbed by potential customers which can often work in a businesses favour.

Working within a website consultancy agency we often find the design process is easier when a logo has been designed prior to the branding. Logos can often be an intimidating prospect for some clients which is why most website designers will offer the service. The logo will set the tone for the brand when it comes to design choices such as typefaces, websites and images. The most important element behind branding is keeping the design consistent, this allows templates to be made in aspects of emails, letter heads and advertising styles. The consistency in branding will allow the business to gain the trust of the client well designed branding will keep the company looking professional and well co-ordinated.

As a company that works with branding we understand the requirements that a logo should have. A logo needs to be able to easily change size and be relatable to the company. Working alongside a designer, clients will often find that their ideas can be refined and look more professional, working with clients we understand the importance of allowing a vision to come to life.

Colour use within logos is an essential part of the design process, as designers we understand that specific colours work better representing different types of businesses. It is always essential to think of using a logo long term, this is why logos designed by branding agencies can often stand the test of time. High importance should always be placed on the logo as it is the face of the company. The logo needs to reflect the message that your company is trying to convey to the public. You must always design the logo with your audience in mind.

You should always look at other competitor companies in order to create a unique logo. Looking at other companies could also trigger inspiration when designing your logo. Simple and powerful logos tend to be more effective than complex ones, simple typefaces with some hint of imagery can often work well.

The main tip when creating a logo is to always ensure it represents your companies brand. The logo will be the main representative of your company, and will set the tone of your companies branding.

Logos can be a variable that is often overlooked however can be a huge asset to your business.  Logos are often used to promote public identity and set the scene for the brand of your business.