Here at Meshviz we always talk about the importance of social media for your business and the main social media platforms you could benefit from. Snapchat was often reserved for the younger generation, however with its past advances we are seeing more and more businesses using Snapchat and gaining a higher audience interaction rate. Snapchat has evolved from its basic model in 2011 with 60% of smartphone users having the social media tool, over 200 million people now use the app. As website designers we understand the importance of showing off your brand, using Snapchat allows you to advertise your brand to a wide range of people. With our web design customers we always find that businesses want to add an element of fun to their brand, this social media platform is able to deliver this we feel that this could be a very good avenue to explore in terms of outreach and brand promotion.

Snapchat acts as a fantastic platform in being able to interact with its customers and creating higher engagement levels, clients will be able have behind the scenes access to your business. In cases of more creative businesses such as design or engineering this is great chance to show your clients what goes into a project. As website designers we have started to see magazine and newspapers using the app to show their audience small content news or behind the scenes of a story. This is a great example of how the app can provide some for exclusivity to its customers. Encourage you employees to take part by showing your audience what can go on behind big company projects, by encouraging staff to get involved on the platform encourages a wider range of content and visuals

As website designers we always encourage our clients to give exclusivity to existing clients or clients that follow their social media platforms. You could create a campaign that offers customers exclusive deals by encouraging them to snap images to the company social media account. This type of exclusive deal or discount could be moulded in a way that would entice customers to pay a visit the company premises. This could be done by offering customers a 10% discount if they snap a location which is close to your area. When setting up a Snapchat account you can promote the use of the platform via your other social media accounts.

As avid internet users here at Meshviz we had started to notice that Snapchat has began to implement more advertising within the structure which is great news for your business. This is great practice for your business to start creating interesting snaps which will last 1-10 seconds to showcase your brand. Overall as website designers we fully understand that with lots of social media platforms to chose from it can be near impossible to fully grasp the concept of each one. Snapchat acts as great compliment to most social media sites and enables you as a business to give better deals to your customers, which will encourage brand loyalty and enable you to be recognised.