Working within a website design consultancy agency we have been accustomed to explaining to potential clients why WordPress is a good option to build a website on. With millions of companies using WordPress for their websites we constantly see the benefits that the platform brings to millions of users. As website designers we always get asked why WordPress is a good platform to use, here at Meshviz we have developed a list of why WordPress works well.

WordPress is a visual builder which means that users can see what they are doing, in the early days of WordPress this was not an option. Many of our website design clients assume that creating or changing a website requires technical coding skills. Our clients are often left pleasantly surprised with the process of WordPress, no coding is required and you are able to making adjustments to your site easily. WordPress works by growing with the client’s sites, this enables the user to make adjustments such as adding more service options or adding a recent blog post.

As website designers we find WordPress works well with SEO. Search Engine Optimisation is key for any website, SEO is how your website will be ranked on search engines. We often find that our new clients can get overwhelmed with the prospect of SEO for marketing. WordPress is ideal for an easy introduction in SEO, in terms of blogs WordPress reviews the content and gives you a readability measurement. This is a great tool when your trying to improve your SEO and are unfamiliar with the process.

One of the major selling points for WordPress is how easy it for clients to use. The visual builder allows the user to see what changes they are making to the site, the simple drag and drop system allows clients to make changes as and when they see fit. As website designers we always offer a free training session when the website has been finished. In terms of branding the layout of the program works well as the user can update and edit their site at any given point.

In terms of security we often find that our clients are cautious in terms of cyber security, WordPress offers great protection providing that plugins are kept up to date. If you find yourself concerned about online security, please check out our security blog. As website designers we understand that any website has a security risk, however with the appropriate actions we find that our clients often have very few issues with the program.

WordPress has the ability to grow with your business which is why we always recommend the program to our clients. As website designers we find that WordPress gives our clients the freedom to grow and expand their business, the site is easy to maintain and our clients love being able to change and edit their site. We often find that our clients who have used previous web design companies don’t have the ability to edit or amend their sites. Here at Meshviz we aim to give our clients the perfect website and the skills to be able to navigate and change their sites.