When working with our clients the same questions seem to come up, one of them being how important blogging is for businesses. Web Design can be a confusing subject when launching your first website or even for a seasoned website owner that’s new to marketing. Your blog has the power to showcase your business and keep your clients up to date. We have put together a list of tips and tricks to help you along your blogging way

Your Audience

As with any piece of public writing you always need to be considerate of your audience. Use a simple language with a calm tone, be professional and be friendly.


Understanding the content

Blogs are designed to be short and sweet. In the early stages feel free to test your blog on friends and family (call them your test subjects!). To ensure your blog is successful the best method is to not explain the basis of the topic at all, if your test subject can absorb the writing and understand it within 5 minutes your blog is ready to post. You be very surprised at how quickly you can adapt to this writing style.


The direction of the post

Be sure to answer the topic questions with the traditional, who, what, where and why. As web designers we find this helps streamlines our blogs especially when explaining more complex methods or systems. In general blog paragraphs should be direct your audience doesn’t need huge chunks of paragraphs. Keep it streamlined, short sentences tend to work better in the early blogging days. The word count range should be between 400- 2000. This is a variable depending on the depth of the blog.



The design of the post

Using small snippets of information not only keeps your audience interested but also gives you more options for the layout of your blog. A cluttered screen is hard to read simplicity is key. When working on any Web Design project we understand the importance of white space, be sure to use it to bring focus to your blog.


Typefaces are almost as important as your content. Keep it simple don’t go overboard on your font tools. A successful font will be able to draw attention, always ensure your font is easy to read and a good size, keep in mind how it would look on mobile devices. As designers we always need to keep in mind the functionality of a design as well as the content.


Using colour schemes can work very well, if your blogging for a business the company colours will help in the aspect of promotion. Ensure to use the branding that is associated with the business, this lets the audience know who they are looking at. Never underestimate the influence an image can have. You will find that a lot of users are visually inclined, use informative graphics and images as a tool to highlight what your saying.


If you find the blogging work load too much to deal with don’t be scared to outsource. Use one of your employees to blog on behalf of the company, ensure they are passionate about what you want your audience to know and able to mimic the style of the blog.