As a web design consultancy agency we constantly talk to our clients about the importance of using social media to help promote businesses and keep in touch with clients. With the vast majority of social media platforms being used by younger audiences, our clients are often concerned that Facebook does not have the means to reach out to younger clients.

Businesses such as online clothes shopping require the attention from the younger audience, which is why considering your target audience is so essential in respects to setting up a website or choosing which social media platforms to use. Social media platforms often confuse our clients in regards to which ones work better for their business, if you find yourself confused refer to our social savvy guide. As website designers we understand the importance of targeting the right audience using the correct social media platforms.

Facebook over time has gained a wide variety of people in its following as more adults, parents and teachers joined the social media platform, it could be argued that the younger audience of Facebook as seeing the social media platform as potentially ‘uncool’. The change in audience could effect the use of the platform by the younger generation, however this is not the case. With partnering competitions such as Instagram and snap chat, Facebook constantly makes adjustments to the site in order to compete with the platforms younger users were frequently using. The additions that have been made to the site over the years has paid off with Facebook outliving many different social media fads such as Yik Yak. As website designers we understand that Facebook proves to be a solid starting ground for new websites and businesses. The reason why we suggest Facebook is because of the stability it has with online social media, despite technology or app trends Facebook generally tends to be the centre of the social world.

It has been recognised that although Facebook is not the favoured social media platform for young users, this doesn’t mean that Facebook isn’t used any less. The main idea behind this article is to emphasise that although the social platform isn’t ‘cool’ it does however retain its users and presence. As website designers we always question our clients on their demographic, who are they trying to sell too and what social media platforms can they use to sell that product. Within web design we always recognise when new social trends appear, we always recommend our clients to stick with the more established sites such as Facebook in order to build a secure followingc

The reason why teens using Facebook is essential is because this is the audience that are more likely to share content. If your business sell products that are suited to a younger audience then creating a Facebook business presence will be ideal in marketing towards your young demographic.