As website designers we often get asked which social media platforms are the best to use in terms of promoting their business. We often advise our clients to look towards Twitter and Facebook depending on their business model. Twitter is often a social media platform that small businesses can over look. Here at Meshviz we have created a guide that will explain why Twitter can work for your business.

Connecting with your customers is the main priority for any business. Twitter is a social platform that helps provide businesses with that type of outreach. Twitter is a platform which has become emended in millions of peoples online social lives, giving you the opportunity to reach out. Any customer queries or bad reviews can be resolved quickly and efficiently. When replying to an issue this gives you a chance to show potential customers how your company can handle a bad situation.

Branding and marketing work well together on Twitter, not only does this give you a chance to share your content but also allows you to gain a better online presence. We have previously spoken about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Twitter as with other social media platforms compliments your SEO. Having a social media presence will make your company more accessible to potential clients. As website designers we always ensure our customers know the importance of social media and suggest which platforms could be more suitable. Twitter is always highly recommended as an extension to a social media platform after a prominent Facebook account has been established. Branding through your Twitter account is essential, this is a chance for your business identity to be projected. Twitter provides an excellent opportunity to connect with other local businesses to help promote services. Being part of the Twitter business community can be helpful in terms of being having your services projected to a wider audience.

Here at Meshviz we often recommended that companies promote their offers and company news through Twitter. This gives your audience a good opportunity to gain exclusive offers. Working within a website design consultancy agency we always find that customers regularly ask how they can be more involved with their clients. Twitter proves to be the best outlet to connect with clients and offer exclusive deals. Posting images of company projects or team activity can be a great chance to show people what goes on behind the scenes.

As website designers we always look to our competition to see how we can make our own social media platforms more successful. We always recommend that our clients also do this, social media has to be experimented with in order to find a good flow. Experimenting with other styles you see on twitter can prove to be helpful in gaining inspiration as to how to gain a larger audience. Twitter provides a great chance for you to see your competition and anaylise why and how they target their audience. As website designers we always try to make the most of our social media tools, Twitter can give you a chance to see how each tweet has performed and how many people have interacted with it. This type of analysis is effective in terms of establishing which style performs better.

Working with websites we always notice that clients want to gain more customers, we always suggest that companies focus on gaining loyal customers. Twitter provides an excellent chance to show your loyalty to clients and a chance to anaylise your company. Having set times during the week can be useful in sharing your content, as website designers we often recommend our customers putting together a social media plan. This type of organisation can be hard to adapt to at first, however with practice you will find this will come as a second nature.