Working within a website design consultancy we often work with businesses who sell products online. With 80% of the online community purchasing goods online it is a great idea to explore selling your products and services online. With ecommerce sites all over the internet it is essential that you streamline your selling technique in order to stand out. Branding is always essential when it comes to this type of marketing, if you find yourself confused in regards to branding feel free to refer to our article on branding. Creating a good brand can help your audience know more about your company as opposed to appearing as another faceless seller.

As website designers and avid internet users we have become accustomed to seeing two types of online shoppers. Customers who know what they are searching for will often just use a search engine to fine the places in which the product is sold. The choice of where to buy the product from will often be down to the price of the product and potential deals that accompany the item. The main trick to this type of customer is to ensure that your services are ranked highly on google by using your search engine optimisation (SEO). Ensure written content about products has key words in relation to the item, google is more likely to show your website for products if the content is using the tagged key words. This method is likely to increase the sale of a product. If you are confused or unsure of to productively achieve SEO ensure to look a look at our SEO blog.

Working with web design clients we often see another type of online customer which are simply browsing online stores. These types of customers and more open to choices and are simply looking for ideas. With these customers in mind you must ensure that your website is clear and able to suggest products. Depictions of the product are necessary as this will allow the customer to see how the product is used and what it looks like. These customers are open to products, the easiest way to increase the likelihood of sales for these types of customers is to demonstrate your knowledge of the products. A user friendly website is always ideal to help increase sales, keeping the site up to date and in keeping with the holidays will ensure that your website looks relevant.

The main reason why people shop online is for efficiency and speed. You need to ensure that the customer journey is simply and easy. Keeping payment methods as simple as possibly will be sure to improve the customers experience of the site. Always bare in mind that a customer wants to spend minimal time at the check out section of the website. Always ensure that the site is kept up to date with any bugs being fixed and updates being regularly done. Response times are essential when it comes to building a good reputation with both your customers and google. As website designers we always remind our customers that a responsive website that runs well will always help improve the customers journey.

As web designers we always explain to our customers how different selling techniques can work well for ecommerce stores. Up selling is a technique that is often used, this method simply shows a similar product which is more expensive than the one the customer is looking at. Often customers may choose the more expensive one as it may have more features with better reviews. Cross selling is often seen on clothing ecommerce sites, recommended products will be shown to the customer or products that other customers have purchase along side the item. This works well in encouraging customers to buy more products and demonstrates that your site is being helpful in aiding the customers shopping experience.