It is important as a small business owner to understand the importance of self branding. The ability to self brand can bring a multiple range of opportunities including bringing more money and clients. When handled correctly branding has the capability of making your business have more authority in its field. As humans we are quick to make visual judgments which is why deciding how you want to be seen by your clients is essential. Creating a brand with a personality and values gives your business an advantage over faceless corporations. Its well known that clients will subconsciously make emotional decisions, by branding your company with a personality and values enables potential clients to feel more valued as a customer. Working within a website design consultancy agency we always inform our clients the importance of having a solid public brand.

We always advice our clients to look toward competitor companies, as they are always an excellent example to look at. Using companies who are succeeding in your field sets a good example for you to follow. The key is to look at their methods, why their methods work and how you can adapt them to suit your business.

Don’t be afraid of asking for helping by seeking guidance and advice from those in a more advanced position simply means you are willing to learn. Working within web design we frequently ask our colleagues questions to help improve a design, in most cases by looking at your competitors online presence can often teach you a lot. This could be in terms of social media presence or how the company has branded itself. As website designers we constantly look towards to our competitors to help inspire ideas as to how we can improve certain areas.

Social media has changed the ways that clients think, with millions of businesses advertising on social media clients now have behind the scenes access. A lot of start up business have started to rush into producing businesses and visual branding. The important factor when advertising on social media is to create a thought out plan that can be tailored to your company. Social media does require trial and error to fully understand what suites your audience and what increases interaction. With various social media platforms it essential you think about which ones are more related to your business. Even as website designers we often have to edit our social media tactics in order to gain more coverage. If you are unsure about social media platforms take a look at our social savvy guide.   

As a web design company we understand the importance of a well designed website. With so many people relying on the internet not having a website would be the equivalent of no driver behind the wheel of a car. Websites act as your online center point where potential clients can easily contact you. Social media is simply an extended part of advertising your company a website acts as your home of information. As a solid presence your website is able to echo your branding personality and what services you have to offer.

Creating content to go alongside your website is a key element, by providing valuable information you can begin to build relationships with clients. Implementing blogs allows you to share content on your social media. Creating content that can be linked to your business can show your depth of knowledge in your business field. If you are unsure how a blog can benefit your website free feel to see the importance blogging for your business.  It always important to remember that the most important thing your brand can provide is reliability and dedication to your customers. Developing your branding will play a key role in how your customers perceive you. By creating a business with a personality and showing a depth of product knowledge and reliability you will be able to build good relationship with your clients.