When talking about social media platforms we generally think about Facebook and twitter. YouTube is often a forgotten social media tool that can easily be used for start up businesses. The most important point you need to consider prior to creating a YouTube channel is deciding if your business produces a product that is suitable to advertise. YouTube marketing tends to work better with physical products that can be interacted with, a good example of this would be gadgets. We have devised a guide to you in the creation and marketing of your YouTube pursuit.

One of the most important stages when working with YouTube is content. As website designers we understand the importance of keeping blogs up to date. Working with this platform allows you to have varied methods of the content you can post. Popular content for businesses on YouTube can revolve around tutorials based around the product or videos which explain the product. Using this social media platform allows potential clients to see the face behind the company and how the product can work.

One of the main points to consider prior to posting is how you want your audience to respond. Linking your main website or your supplier to your YouTube video in the description is always a good idea. Working within a website design consultancy agency we also recommend call to action (CTA). CTA should be made to include your contact details, you can also link your video on other social media platforms. Encouraging people to view you video is always key, feel free to comment on YouTube videos that are similar to your business.

Once your video has been posted you should always be sure to keep up to date with the reviews and comments. Replying to the comments works well in the aspect of showing potential clients that you are dedicated to your business and are happy to answer any questions or comments promptly. Your video will be rated this could highlight areas in which you can improve or areas which have gained successful responses.

You should always customise your channel, YouTube has various options for customisation such as colours, links and images. Use this space to post relevant information and push your brand. Branding is a vital component for any social media platform.  Using the colours to push your company brand is essential, incorporating logos and slogans acts as reminder to the audience of what your business is and what it stands for. You should always encourage users to subscribe to your channel, this allows them to be notified when you post a new video

As with general blogging you should put thought into the title of your video. You must always consider what people are most likely to search for. Is your video answering a question or demonstrating a popular item? You should always create a title has a high probability of being searched for. A good description is always recommended for a YouTube video, this should be short and an informative description. Incorporating a link to your home website is provides potential clients a direct link to your business.


As a website design consultancy agency we are starting to notice a trend with our clients incorporating customer testimonials. Showing potential clients current customers allows you to show genuine feedback of your product or business. Video Reviews have a much more powerful impact that written reviews on a website. Potential clients can physically see people who have used your product or business and that creates a powerful persuasive platform.

You should always be aware of being who are hearing impaired. Incorporating subtitles to your videos will open up a larger audience. Pop ups within YouTube videos have been proven to have little to no effect with viewers. Ensure you description is relevant and valid, a good description will ensure that potential clients wont get confused and will eliminate the need for pop ups.

Overall when creating a YouTube channel you should always be aware of your audience and you wish your product to come across. Good descriptions are key alongside titles that people are more likely to search for. Ensure that your contact details are clear and links to your website are easily accessible. Reviewing comments will prove to be useful when looking to improve future videos providing guidelines on how your audience will react to certain content.