Here at Meshviz we often deal with clients who wish to incorporate ad space on their websites in efforts to welcome more profits. Recently google has announced its desire to implement new guidelines when it comes to advertising. The internet is full of advertisements that a lot of users find irritating, ad blocker is a service that is now being used by millions of internet users. The use of ad blocker has caused a lot of debate from both consumers and manufactures, the hot topic issue has gained attention from google who announced new regulations in online advertising. The main aim from google is to atomically block advertisements that are seen as irritating. As web designers and internet users we understand the irritation of ads that don’t deliver relevant content. The news of the filtering system could result in a lot of website having to rethink their ads, we put together this article which explains this new system and what other internet giants have decided to change their browser guidelines.

Google announced that they wished to start filtering adverts online. The main intention from google is not to simply just block advertisements but filter out those of bad quality that effect the users experience in a negative way. Google claims that it plans to rally against poor advertisements which will include full page advertisements, auto play videos and pop ups. The basic summery of the new google advertisement is taking out content that wont be missed. As website designers we understand the importance of online advertising especially in terms of ads on our client websites

The new filtering system will be put onto chrome next year this allows advertisers a chance to revaluate their approach. The new guidelines have been set in place allowing a grace period for companies to avoid online penalties. Companies have already been targeted and asked to check their ads and promotions via the ad experience report. As website designers we always act with caution when clients request ad sections for their website. Many start up companies will see hosting ads as a quick way to gain some profit from their website, however this method is more suited for established website with a high following.

From a business perspective this can come as bad news for online advertising who gains most of their income from ads. This type of filtering system may seem drastic however the main aim of this system was to enhance the users experience and to eliminate useless content. As website designers we often notice that despite ad blocker some adverts come through, these ads are compliant with the ‘acceptable ad’ program which is why google allows them to come through to the user. The oncoming filter is simple an extra step for the ‘acceptable ad’ campaign

It was also announced that apple would be following in the internet giants footsteps. The companies browser ‘safari’ will be targeting to end audio and video auto play. Apple have made it clear that third party browsing should be blocked (i.e. cookies) in the redesign of their browser. With google and apple working on increasing user interaction by trying to prevent these elements we can see the internet and our user experience being reshaped into a new streamlined place.