With new businesses being set up every day, we decided to look into how businesses operate in different cultures. Working with a website design consultancy agency we always take inspiration from sources in order to create a versatile and refined design. Using inspiration from how other countries run a business could prove to add some refinement to your business structure. We decided to create this article in order to give you some insight on what other countries value in terms of business goals, demonstrating how the attitudes of the workers can play a huge role in creating a successful business.

With the high use of the internet and gadgets the world of business has changed dramatically. In this digital age we now have access to billions of people across the globe. Globalisation is a great opportunity for various businesses, however with this venture comes the issue of cultural differences specially in business. Branching out a business or making connections means that clients are finding themselves having to adapt to the different operation systems. If you are thinking of broadening your business horizon’s, being culturally sensitive is something that as a business you need to think about. As website designers we are in communication with various countries and connected through social media in order to circulate ideas.

As website designers we are accustomed to having meetings to discuss ideas and review our goals of the week. When we look to industrial companies such as America and China we can see there is a clear difference in how meetings are structured. A prime example of this would be in America the meeting is a time to tackle problems and use a team to resolve them. Colleagues can be viewed negatively if no good ideas are being brought to the table, basically if someone is not being helpful then they are seen as having no value. This can be seen as harsh however this does encourage every worker to bring their idea to the table. Balance is key within the Chinese culture, workers are already familiar with the choices that are going to be made, the meeting is used to ensure that everyone is on the same page. You could argue that this system is ideal for ensuring that everyone is in agreement and the workers act as team to problem solve.

Working within web design we often have our roles cemented with our teams and try to achieve goals individually in order to achieve an overall goal. In areas such as Indian and China roles tend to be more fluid and flexible. Working within a team people will generally try to help where they can. This works well in building co worker relationships and also colleagues to build other skills. When we look to other cultures such as Russia or Germany the roles within a team are more cemented, feedback is constantly given by senior staff, management and other colleagues. This type of reviewing system can work well on various levels, ensuring the colleague is aware of how they can improve and enables other workers to comment on how they feel someone is contributing. As website designers we understand the importance of feedback and how this can help refine us as both designers and colleagues.

With any business within the UK (including website design) we have become accustomed to our roles within business and the sense of hierarchy. In Germany hierarchy has a very strict presence within business. The titles could be argued to be more formal than those of the UK the titles are made to emphasise expertise and leadership. The titles are earned by proving expertise and gaining respect throughout the company. As website designers we are often mentored and helped by our superiors, their experience often aids our designs and we can refine projects. Within the design world this works well in the aspect using somebody else’s knowledge to gain a better grasp in areas some people may not be familiar with.  Overall after some investigation into other cultures, its obvious that by trying to introduce different elements from all of these cultures can have develop a functional team and established business. As website designers we constantly look to find different sources of inspiration as business owners you should too.