As a website design consultancy agency we often find that our customers are hesitant to send out promotional emails to subscribers on their mailing list. This is a very common problem amongst business owners who are trying to increase their reach. We often see promotional emails as spam, emails that constantly block up our inboxes and prove to be a hassle to unsubscribe too. Email marketing is based on data collection, recommending products based on your last purchase/location. Mail lists are great way to keep in contact with customers and offer them exclusive deals, we helped put together some tips to help create a more streamlined marketing approach as opposed to spam emails

With most of our blogs we always recommend that you know your audience. Clients sign up to the mailing list, this could be because of the message that your brand shares. Keeping up a good brand tone is essential especially in terms of social media, in order to attract these people to sign up to a mailing list. Depending on your company trade always be aware of how your clients expect your company to communicate. A good example of this would be a toy business, primarily the target market would be families so the tone of the emails would be upbeat and friendly. A business which deals with more serious clients would not use emoji’s in an email to a potential client. As website designers we often recommend using a template, this will help provide structure and help your business find its personal tone. Templates work well in the aspect of allowing everyone to get a grasp on how they should email clients in terms of mailing lists and communication.

Working within a website design consultancy agency we often find our clients confused with how they can keep up with a mailing list. Automated systems are always helpful if you find yourself short for time during the week. We always suggest to our clients that they plan their emails, allowing the automated system to post emails at a frequency that the client is happy with. Consistency is essential when it comes to mailing lists, you must always remain consistence with your brand the message you are sending to your audience. Branded content will always be received well, this also enables customers to recognise your brand and become familiar with the message you are trying to put across.

As website designers we always remind our customers how essential the content is in an email. There is a reason why big companies send out personalised emails, the likelihood of an email being opened when personalised is a lot higher. Putting client names on the email enables your clients to feel valued. Once again the tone of the emails must be consistent with the branding of your site. Allowing your customers to feel like they are receiving exclusive offers will work in your favour, customers will be less likely to unsubscribe from your mailing list. The key is to keep customers interested in what you have to offer.