Be inspired

As a small website design consultancy agency we understand the importance of being part of a new business. With more young people opting to become self employed it is always worth recognising simple ways to ensure your business is on track. A good place to start is to gain inspiration from your competitor’s backgrounds. Gaining inspiration allows you to learn from your competitor’s mistakes.


Get some experience

It sounds simple however when forming a business it is essential to have a greater understanding of what the potential business ideas may entail. As website designers we understand the importance of fully understanding your trade, this will help you communicate on a professional level towards potential cliental. Not only does experience help you gain knowledge but also allows you to understand how to problem solve specific issues. As website designers we come across common issues that we are able to deal with easily due to our prior experience.


Here at Meshviz we understand how important our clients are and what potential customers could want. Customers frequently vary however by researching the market and and designating your target audience you will be able to streamline your research. Always ensure your target market is clarified prior to starting your business venture. Researching your business will be able to allow you to see how other businesses have succeeded and also where some businesses have failed. Use the research phase to get to know more about potential competitors. As website designers we designate time to look at what our competitors are offering, not only does this help inspire us but also provides new ideas to help offer to our customers.


As a website design consultancy agency we understand the importance behind making a plan with achievable targets. This allows you to be able to work towards targets and recognise mile stones as and when they happen. Using a plan will also enable you to work towards personal deadlines, this will enable you to stay motivated.

Start Small

It is imperative for a small business to start small and work upwards. Always to ensure not to oversell yourself, take on staff when needed and move to bigger businesses premises when needed. Most start up businesses will start at home, as website designers our clients often set up a website when they have an effective business plan and products to sell. Websites have a fantastic ability to be the home point for any business, with tools to track visitors and sales, it proves to be a great starting point for any business.


As website designers we understand the importance of branding within a company. The main starting point when developing any brand is to work out what message you are trying to give to the audience. Branding should be prominent for the business, letter heads, business cards and emails. When looking for affordable websites you should always ensure that your website design consultancy agency is aware of what your specification is. Teaming up with a website designer can often be useful in the aspect of understanding how to make a positive online presence.



Working within a website design consultancy agency we understand the importance of blogging. We work with our clients to ensure they understand the importance of SEO (search engine organisation). Blogging allows you to target potential customers and help current ones understand solutions to common issues. By offering a blog you are able to offer your clients an extra service and allows your website to be relevant.