Pinterest may seem like another confusing social media concept, in reality Pinterest is a simple book marking tool. Pinterest is used frequently in design for inspiration. This social media platform is used to bookmark ideas and inspirations. Pinterest was marked as one of the fastest growing social media platforms in 2014. The main question is how can you use Pinterest to grow your business? Here at Meshviz we have put together some helpful tips to guide you into this social network platform. As website designers we find idea platforms such as Pinterest an excellent way to promote original designs. In regards to being part of a creative company this social media platform can act as a catalogue of ideas

Pinterest like most social media networks allows you to create a business account. With this account upload your personal photo or the company logo. Working as website designers we often advise our clients that logos and visual content of the company should communicate the values of the company. Graphic design often compliments website design which is why during the process of creating a website, designers often offer to help develop logos or typography.  The username is important to any social media platform, the name needs to communicate the business as much as possible. You will be asked to write a bio (a short description of what your business does), be sure to use key words that relate to your business. Previously we have spoken about YouTube and the importance of a clear description, Pinterest is similar in regards to a good bio/ description being a priority. Using key words in a bio simply means that people will be able to find you on Pinterest. Location should always be added into your social media platforms in order to find customers locally. A link to your website should be clearly marked on your profile for convenience. Pinterest works by connecting users together, remember to be as visual as you can with images or information you are pinning. Working within a website design consultancy agency we constantly to advice our customers to think about which social media platforms would work better for their business. Pinterest works well for companies who have ideas to share and own a business that can benefit from gaining new ideas. As website designers we always ensure to advise our customers on marketing strategies and methods in which they can gain recognition. Connecting to social media platforms will help compliment your Search engine organisation (SEO), if you are unsure about SEO feel free to look at our helpful guide.

On Pinterest we have a key feature which is known as pin, to create a pin you simply click on the pin symbol. Choosing something to pin is easy, it’s a form of bookmarking the pin then gets put onto your profile for you to refer to at any time. You can also make pins of your products or the inside of your offices. Use this as a way of your audience getting to know your business behind the scenes.  On Pinterest there is a category known as a rich pin. A rich pin is a pin which has extra information rich pins can get divided up into categories movies, recipes, articles, products and places.

Pinterest boards are where the categorized content appears, this were the things you have pinned will appear. The boards can be divided into public boards in which your fellow Pinterest people can see. We then have private boards in which only you can see them. Group boards are places where you and others can share content, this can prove useful when developing boards that are related to your business and other like minded people. A good example of how we use our Pinterest board within web design/ graphic design is simply by finding related content. We search the key words and then take inspiration from designs that have elements we are looking to incorporate into our own design. Working within a website design consultancy agency we often find that social media platforms such as Pinterest are excellent in viewing ideas and combinations from other perspectives.

In order to create a successful Pinterest presence its important to follow like minded people. Ensure the content you are sharing is of good quality, offer something unique Pinterest is the perfect place to be creative and find like minded people. Just remember social media platforms have been design for you to communicate messages globally, Pinterest is a great opportunity to do so.