With any small business start up its always advised to have a mentor. As website designers the question we get asked most frequently when working with new start up businesses is often related to finding a mentor. Here at Meshviz we have devised a list of tips to help you find a mentor on your new business venture.


Finding a mentor who has shared your goals, be sure to find someone who has fully achieved in their businesses what you plan to achieve in yours. This can be difficult but also very rewarding, this type of mentor would have most likely endured the same issues and could be able to provide simple solutions. Always ensure to look at their business model, the work flow may differ from your plans. When searching for a mentor you should always be willing to show the same commitment to your business as your mentor has shown to theirs. As website designers we understand the importance of a well matched work flow in regards to team work and networking.

Attending seminars is always a good place to search for a mentor. These events will often be hosted by successful business people who could prove to be great mentors. After the event be sure to reach out and start making professional links. This will also be an excellent chance to get to know some of your fellow competitors to discuss ideas and compare business plans. Networking events will be sure to add some momentum to your business and allow you to explore new ideas in regards to advertising and marketing.

Using Alumni is a new idea that people don’t often explore. Working within a website design consultancy agency, we often advice our clients to look towards people who have pursued similar paths. Alumni can often create links with people who have pursued similar business ventures. This can also provide an excellent opportunity to connect with people in social aspects, networking is key in this situation. Finding mentors within alumni events and groups can be gentle way of beginning to network. Website design often provides an excellent chance to connect with similar industries to share ideas.

Friends who own their own personal business can often be an untapped resource. As website designers we find that reaching out to professional connections often allows us to open up our networking circle and make excellent contacts. This will open up an honest dialog and allow you to gain a different perspective on how your business can be influenced. The main idea behind finding a mentor is to find someone who is experienced and willing to guide you to a successful business. Reliable friends are more likely to be open with you in regards to potential problems and solutions.

Being sociable will open up your chances of finding a mentor. You need to make sure to attend as many networking and business events as possible in order to increase your network. Here at Meshviz we always ensure we attend a varied range of marketing events. Social and networking events will ensure that you are making yourself known in the small business world. As web designers we always ensure to reach out to similar businesses in order to create connections and share ideas.

Sharing the story of why you started a business is always a good way to sell your ideas. People like to hear the story behind a brand and are more likely to help you if they admire the purpose. By doing this you increase your chances of finding a mentor and possibly gaining investors. The networking events could be a prime location to do this and allows you to become better connected. Working within a website consultancy agency we often find that clients are targeting to work with local businesses which brings a wholesome ideal to their business. We often encourage our clients to involve the business back story on their websites in order to connect with people on a personal level.


Entrepreneur sites are always ideal to look at these organisations are often dedicated to helping people find their business footing. Using these organisations will help you find networking events that are suited to you and potential mentors. The main issues our new clients have is confusion of which events to attend, we often advice finding these organisations to receive good advice in which direction they should go. As web designers we often find that these type of organisations aid our clients into understand what avenues to take.

Taking business classes is often advised with new companies not only do they help with the more complex issues but they provide you with a teacher that can guide you. By connecting with the teacher you will be able to receive good advice on how to handle the finer details in your business. This also allows you to connect with people in a similar position which potentially could allow you to make future business connections.

Finding a mentor mainly revolves around the idea of opening your business to more social situations. Networking and business events can aid your search for a mentor, these events will often people that are established and have experienced the process of developing a business. One of the most important factors to consider when following a mentor is to establish what type of work flow you are able to work with. Working with someone who has an established business is the first stage, however if you find the work flow they had worked with is not suited to you the relationship could not be beneficial. Researching businesses and is a good idea to begin with in regards to finding someone who started from a similar place. This will allow you to research the company, gain ideas and gain a better perspective on what type of mentor that person could be.